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DIGITAL BOMB CALORIMETER (with safety device)

SIS – 1355  
Bomb Calorimeter outfit provides a simple and inexpensive method for determination of heat of combustion of organic matter and the calorific value & sulphur content of solid & liquid fuel. The outfit supplied is complete for analysis as per the method recommended by British standard institution BS 1016. All parts of the outfit have been finished of petroleum and British Standard Institute. 
Bomb is made of SS 316 . Differential temperature range 0-5° c

Bomb With Test Certificate, Calorimeter Vessel With Bomb Support, Water Jacket, Combined Lid For Calorimeter Vessel and Water Jacket , Stirrer , Connecting Leads, Connecting Tube To Connect Bomb And Pressure Gauge, Connecting Tube With Fine Adjustment Valve To Connect Pressure Gauge On Stand , Spanner For Oxygen Tube connection , ignition Wire Nichrome , Cotton Real , Stand For Bomb Lid, Hook For Lifting Bomb, Stainless Steel Crucible, Gelatin Capsules, Gas Release Valve, Pilot press Digital Bomb Firing Unit, Stirrer, Benzonic Acids O’ Rind Big, ‘O’ Ring Small, ‘O’ Ring For Stirrer Valve For Bomb, Valve Key. 

Digital Bursting Strength Tester
SIS – 1303 
Single push button operation activates as automatic test cycle, determining rapidly the bursting strength of paper or board. 
Fully enclosed body
Two units of measurement (Kg/cm2 & PSI) 
Adjustable clamping pressure. 
Auto calibration in 5 simple steps. 
Overload protection (Preset). 
Test result remains frozen till next operation 
Changeable peak detection level for different materials 
Programmable bursting strength tester with pc interfacing is also available. 

SIS – 1358  
The improved colony counter reveals colonies of bacteria clearly against a bark background. The illumination is brighter and completely uniform. 
This principal increases the contrast between the colonies and the culture medium. It improves the visibility so that small colonies can be seen. 
As a result the observer works efficiently and obtains accurate date quickly. 
(A) Digital Colony Counter (4 Digits)

SIS – 1374 

Ranges 0 to 200? S/m
0 to 2m ? S/m
0 to 20m S/m
      0 to 200m S/m
` 0 to 1000m S/m
Accuracy ± 1%  FS ± 1Digit
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