An ISO 9001:2008 Certified

SIS – 1402 

Simple construction, open type, body mounted pressure gauges and panel mounted operating switches. 
Two units of measurement (Kg/cm2 & PSI) 
Single push button cycle.
Dual gauges for greater accuracy. 
Lazy Hand (maximum pointer) for maximum burst reading 
Heavy duty industrial Bourdon pressure gauges for greater Durability.
Switches form one gauge to another by opening and closing of SS valves. Double head model also available
Same as above but in closed body with switching from one gauge to another by a simple switch. 

SIS – 1351  
This instrument is used to check the B.R. VALUE, in Oil.
Divisions on the oil scale are sub-divided by micro meter screw Error due to temperature changes in sugar solutions can be eliminated by temperature corrections device provided. It is an indispensable tool for use of all industries using sugar, oil & many other similar substances. Butyro Refractometer Index of Measuring range; 1.42 to 1.49 to an accuracy of 0.0002. 
Micrometer allows accuracy of 0.01% on the oil (Butyro) scale.   

SIS – 1407 
Heavy duty polished wooden frame with best quality clamps to hold glass parts. Furnace outer body M.S. Sheet duly powder coated having temp. control box with pyrometer / digital temp. controller. Supplied with glass parts absorption vessel & Acid Jar, Combustion Boat etc. Available in two models:
(i) 15A control unit series
(ii) 35 A control unit parallel

 SIS – 1408 
These are overhead clean air modules mounted on roof or with steel frame on the ground. Units can be built with/ without casters so the clean enclosure can be moved over equipment or used to isolate a controlled process. It is basically used for filling, refilling weighing and sampling/Dispensing of Raw Material. Basic Compounds, Active Compounds, works on the principal of laminar air flow with HEPA Filters & Pre-Filters.
Available in Wooden / M.S. Body duly powder coated/ Stainless steel body.
Standard Size (Working Area) 2’×2’, 3’×3’, 4’×4’, 6’×6’, 8’×8’
Air velocity 90 ± 20 cfm (Average)
Filtration Elements Main Filters : HEPA Filter
Prefilter Washable non-woven polyester fibers
Filter Efficiency Main filter : 99.97 at 0.3 micron
Prefilter: Arrestance 90%, at 10 microns
Noise Level < 65 dBA
Light Intensity 800-1000 Lux
Power Supply 220V Single Phase, 50 Hz
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